Taronga's Precious New Arrival

Taronga's Precious New Arrival

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Posted on 28th January 2011 by Media Relations

This has been an exciting week

for not only the gorillas but for our primate keepers.

Our gorilla family went from

eight members to nine and the keepers witnessed it all.

On Saturday morning the 15th

January, out on exhibit our experienced mother ‘Kriba’ gave birth to a small

but healthy baby female gorilla.  Two

keepers witnessed it all which is pretty exciting considering we normally

arrive in the early hours to find mum has given birth and the baby is already

settled and cradled in her arms.

Actually witnessing the birth was

a very special event and both keepers who were lucky enough to see it, said the

it was a very quick and fast birth and before they knew it there was a new kid

on the block.

Mother ‘Kriba’ and her infant ‘Kipenzi’.This week also saw our little

gorilla make her media appearance, announcing her name ‘Kipenzi’, which means

precious one in Swahili, and she is just that.

The group has started to settle

back into gorilla life and are coping well with the new bundle of joy.  Our youngsters ‘Mahali’ and ‘Fuzu’ are still

very interested in Kipenzi, trying to touch her, but Kriba keeps a tight hold

on her.  ‘Kimya’, Kribas six year

offspring is also showing alot of interest in her new little sister.  This is a great time for Kimya to watch her

mum and learn some life lessons and mothering skills which she will need in the


 So over the coming weeks I will keep you updated on Kipenzi's

progress and the rest of the Gorilla family and what you can do to help save

this species.