Tiquie prepares for big move

Tiquie prepares for big move

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Posted on 02nd October 2014 by Media Relations

Our much-loved Brazilian Tapir, Tiquie, has been in training recently ahead of her move to a new home at Darling Downs Zoo in Queensland.

Using her favourite fruit and vegetables as a form of positive reinforcement, keepers have trained Tiquie to enter her transport box and are at a stage where she is comfortable having the door shut behind her.

Tiquie’s training progress has pleasantly surprised keepers and we’re confident that her relaxed manner in training will translate to a smooth and calm move to the Sunshine State.

The arrival of spring at Taronga has excited and energised Tique and visitors have been treated to the amazing sight of a fully-grown tapir running and jumping into her pond on sunny days.

Brazilian Tapir are one of four species of tapir found in the rainforests of Central and South America, the smallest of which was only described as a new species in 2013. The fifth species, the Malayan Tapir, is native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia.

Tapir are usually very shy animals and use their amazing sense of smell and acute hearing to navigate through the dense forests of their native habitat.

All tapir species are classified as endangered or vulnerable, primarily due to a loss of habitat through deforestation.

While Tiquie may be leaving for a new home, Taronga remains committed to Tapir conservation projects. Taronga is helping to protect Tapirs in the wild through its support of the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative, which is promoting research and conservation of Lowland Tapirs and their remaining habitats in Brazil.

- Ungulate keeper, Johny Wade