Vale Autumn

Vale Autumn

Taronga’s Education Centre keepers were saddened to farewell our beautiful Quokka, Autumn, last week.

Quokkas are a small species of wallaby found in Western Australia. They are classified as vulnerable and Taronga has a very successful breeding program to secure a genetically diverse and healthy insurance population.

Autumn was born through this breeding program and had lived at the Education Centre for almost 11 years. During that time she touched the hearts of countless guests, members of staff and volunteers. She was the first to hop over for every VIP tour and school group that entered the Education Centre VIP yard; always the attention seeker, looking for affection and of course her favourite native flowers. She has been particularly memorable for our Make-A-Wish guests due to her gentle nature and the wonderful kisses that she loved to give.

Autumn and her cheeky smile will always be remembered and she will be greatly missed. Those of us who were privileged enough to work with her will never forget the joy that she brought us each day.

- Keeper, Bec Noad