Wapiti fawns frolic on exhibit

Wapiti fawns frolic on exhibit

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Posted on 13th January 2011 by Media Relations

Over the past month the Zoo has welcomed two Wapiti fawns, a female born on 11 December 2010 named Kasha meaning fur robe in Native American and a male born on 3 January 2011 named Mikasi meaning Coyote in Omaha.

Mikasi is the first zoo baby to be born in 2011 and both he and his playmate Kasha are doing very well. Whilst they are staying close to their mothers at present they are often seen out together in their paddock and in time will start exploring their surroundings further.

 Wapiti Fawns Click on the photo above to see the album.What is a Wapiti you may ask? Wapiti are also known as Elk and are native to North American and Eastern Asia. Wapiti are part of the deer family and can reach up to 1.5m high at the shoulder. The males have impressive antlers that can also grow up to 1.5m long. Wapiti are found in grasslands and along the forest edge and in some mountainous regions.