What's in a name?

What's in a name?

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 21st October 2016 by Media Relations

Our two Meerkat pups have names! Ntombi, meaning lady in Zulu, and her sister Xolani, meaning peace, are becoming very boisterous and playful.

At 9 weeks old and almost 400grams each they are keeping us, their older siblings and parents VERY busy!

The Sisters are showing the signs of very different personalities. Ntombi is very dominant when it comes to food, but loves to stick close to Mum, Nairobi, or her big sister Serati. Xolani is a little more independent and is happy to wander off on her own.

They are now fully weaned and love to continue to beg for food off the others, despite being pretty good at catching their own insects!

Older sister, Serati, and brother, Lwazi, are now 9 months old and have been awesome older siblings.

Serati in particular has been really attentive, always looking out for them, following them around and grooming them.

The pups are learning how to be Meerkats really quickly. They have developed a lot faster than their older siblings because they actually have more family members to teach them everything.

All the young ones love to wrestle; Initially Ntombi and Xolani would watch Lwazi and Serati wrestling and attempt to do it themselves but now they just join in and you can often see all four racing around the exhibit chasing each other!

- Keeper, Courtney Mahony