World Rhino Day - Meet Umfana

World Rhino Day - Meet Umfana

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Posted on 22nd September 2015 by Media Relations

Meet Umfana.  He is one of our majestic Southern White Rhinoceros bulls.  Umfana is a wild caught Rhino from Kruger National Park,South Africa. Umfana arrived at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in 2003 .  The bull  is an important member part of a very successful breeding program for White Rhinos at Taronga Western Plains Zoo creating a safety net population, should the worst ever happen – a day when Rhinos no longer exist in the wild. Although Umfana in this photo is hiding his horn, he needn’t do so, he is safe.  His wild cousins on the other hand, need to protect themselves and their horn   from ruthless poachers.  This is a devastating trend that is sadly on the increase as Kruger National Park alone lost 827 rhinos in 2014 to poaching. At this rate, rhinos will be gone before we know it. 

We cannot let this happen, we cannot afford to let Umfana’s wild cousins down, we must work hard to instil change and educate everyone on the plight of the White Rhino and the other four rhino species.   World Rhino Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness of these amazing creatures.

World Rhino Day was started in 2010 by WWF-South Africa, and five years later has gained in momentum with global activities and fundraisers, designed to help raise awareness of all rhino species, and their desperate plight. 

 By Visiting the Zoo you are contributing to the conservation and care of Rhinos. You can also help by downloading the Wildlife Witness app to report illegal wildlife trade today. Link to