Monkeys on the move

Monkeys on the move

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Posted on 03rd August 2018 by Media Relations

Taronga Zoo Sydney’s Squirrel Monkey troop recently had their annual health check. Keepers and veterinary staff carry out a check every year to ensure all the primates are in good health. The procedure includes full physical exam including; dental, skin, weight check, parasite check and an overall body condition inspection.

Primate Unit Supervisor Melissa Shipway said the group of 11 have had the all-clear from the Taronga Wildlife Hospital Veterinary team and are ready to move into their new exhibit.

“We took the opportunity to do the health check before the monkeys moved exhibit. They are now living in the Amazonia exhibit, right near the brand new Taronga Institute of Science and learning” said Melissa.

“The trees at the Amazonia exhibit will soon be alive with movement with these energetic and fascinating little primates. The exhibit contains three different islands with plenty of trees and opportunities to climb and explore”.

Squirrel Monkeys are one of the smallest of the primates and are found in the wild in Central and South America where they can live in groups of up to 500.

The Bolivian Squirrel Monkey is not threatened, however other species of Squirrel Monkey such as those in Costa Rica and Panama face threats due to deforestation and fragmentation and the illegal pet trade.

Australian travellers are encouraged to report illegal wildlife trafficking using the Wildlife Witness app. The app is a free download and enables travellers to report suspicious activity.