Kanlaya making big strides

Kanlaya making big strides

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Posted on 28th August 2018 by Media Relations

Keepers and veterinarians at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are very pleased by the early progress of Asian Elephant calf Kanlaya. Born on 14 June to mother Porntip and father Putra Mas (Perth Zoo’s bull via artificial insemination) she has been making big strides.

Kanlaya has demonstrated that she is a fast learner and has settled into her daily routine already. She now weighs 184kg and is exceptionally confident.

Kanlaya still enjoys staying underneath her mum most of the time, but is very self-assured when it comes to going through the raceways out on to exhibit every day. She is also starting to venture away from Porntip for short periods whilst on exhibit to explore her surrounds.

Kanalya recently started learning how to use her trunk to pick up hay and other foods like apple, sweet potato and palm fronds.  It generally takes 6 – 12 months for an elephant calf to learn how to use their trunk properly so this is just the first stage in that learning process.

Keepers are thrilled with how Porntip is once again proving to be a very maternal and patient mother. She is very attentive and caring towards her calf. Porntip will regularly guide Kanlaya back to her using her trunk, especially when Sabai her older cousin is close by. Sabai was a little over zealous with Kanlaya to begin with but is starting to learn how to behave around the younger calf.