It’s a New Year - make a change

It’s a New Year - make a change

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Posted on 07th January 2019 by Media Relations

January is a time when we look to make a change or a fresh start at something. What if you made a green new year’s resolution or change this year, something that would not only help the environment but could also benefit your hip pocket as well?

These changes do not need to be huge and the little changes you make throughout the year can continue to be worked on and improved. It may seem insignificant as you are just one person but if 10% of the population of Dubbo made a change and then 10% of the next town, it would have a huge flow on effect.

Some ideas for how you can live a little greener in 2019:

Reduce your food waste

Cut down the amount of food waste in your household. Australians throw out one in five grocery bags full of shopping a week. This can add up to approximately $3800 a year! You can reduce your food waste by meal planner, writing a shopping list and following it as well as checking what you have before going shopping so you use this up first.  

Reduce your internet carbon footprint

Often people only associate carbon footprints with vehicles, the agricultural sector and electricity, however sitting at home and streaming movies or using the internet also has a big impact. Why not aim to switch off and go outside once a week whether it be for a walk to the park with the kids.

Become more informed about palm oil

Palm oil is present in a lot of products. Rather than cutting it out completely, check the products to ensure the palm oil used in them is sustainably sourced.

Use reusable coffee cups and water bottles

Simply refill your water bottle rather than buying a bottle of water or take your own coffee cup to the local café to get your takeaway coffee

Walk or ride to work

Try to aim to walk or ride to work once a week or park further away and walk. This is not only good for the environment but also your health and hip pocket.
These are all small ways to make a difference to not only your own lives but the environment as well.