Growing up is monkey business

Growing up is monkey business

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 26th February 2019 by Media Relations

Spider Monkey baby Mica is now three and half months old and is continuing to flourish, growing stronger each week. Mica is starting to be more visible and is taking in her surrounds much more now.

Mother Martina is doing an amazing job, she is very relaxed and comfortable in her new maternal role.

“We couldn’t be happier with the maternal behaviour we are seeing from Martina, you would think she has done it a thousand times before,” said Keeper Rachel Schildkraut.

Mica is still holding on tight to mum at all times, and has recently started riding on Martina’s back for the first time just last week. Mica is still only drinking milk, but starting to look around and reach for things nearby.

Over the coming months she will start to ride more and more on mum’s back, and maybe even play right by her feet. She will then start to interact a little more with the other members of the group especially the other babies.

“Mica is yet to start trying solid foods and in the coming months will start to mouth foods, but it will be some time yet before she starts transitioning onto solids,” said Rachel.

The two older babies in the group are continuing to do well. Their number one focus at the moment is all about play. They are doing lots of swinging, wrestling and generally terrorizing the very patient adults. They both love father Pedro and are often observed hanging out with him.

“The older babies are now eating solids and whilst they still don’t venture too far from their mums they have started moving from place to place by themselves. Both babies will still hitch a ride on their mothers’ backs from time to time though.” 

“The two older babies have shown interest in the newest member of the group and will come and check it out often, but she is too young yet to fully interact.”

Spider Monkey babies will stay near mum with the group for about four years, but even once totally independent females will often stay with the group. 

A great time to see the Spider Monkey group along with the three babies is at the daily keeper feed at 12:50pm.