Treading lightly this Vivid

Treading lightly this Vivid

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Posted on 23rd May 2019 by Media Relations

Australians love the great outdoors and we save a special place in our hearts for our oceans. From surf beaches to spectacular coral reefs, to Sydney Harbour which is the stunning backdrop for Vivid at Taronga.

Australians have a wild backyard, from a single tree to our urban landscapes, the great outdoors to the outback, across the ocean to the exotic jungles afar. The wild isn’t always a destination far away from where you are – the ‘wild’ starts right here, and it needs protecting.

So to help you enjoy yourself and help protect the wild creatures with which we share this planet at the same time, we are proud share our sustainability efforts to reduce the impact of our collective footprint.

Here's how it works:

  • Taronga is a certified carbon neutral organisation. To mitigate climate change impacts associated with this event, Taronga uses certified carbon credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions. These credits go towards rewilding vital habitat for wildlife and future generations.
  • Taronga focuses on reducing our litter footprint. As such, Taronga’s retail range for Vivid contains no single-use items. We ask that whatever you choose to buy, you value and care for it so it lasts, and recycle it properly at the end of its life.
  • Taronga Conservation Society Australia diverts 86% of its waste from landfill, and we are on track for our target rate of 90% by 2020. We achieve this by maintaining 20 separate waste streams to divert waste from landfill and recycle materials at the source which ensures the value of materials are retained.
  • All of our packaging is made out of 100% corn-starch based compostable material. We have implemented a unique waste stream that allows all compostable packaging to be turned into compost, including our unique 100% compostable food packaging, straws, cutlery, coffee cups and lids that are sold in our food outlets. You can help by ensuring you look for the right bin to dispose of your packaging.
  • Taronga uses 100% biodegradable paper based straws at both of our sites, which we compost with other packaging items. You can help by ensuring you look for the right bin to dispose of your packaging.
  • Taronga’s shops recycle 80% of plastic packaging. We work with our suppliers to reduce excess packaging and promote the use of recycled and recyclable material. This impact extends beyond our shop as they pass on the changes to other stores.