New Lions at Pride Lands

New Lions at Pride Lands

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 30th May 2019 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo last year welcomed three new lions to Dubbo from San Diego Zoo in the United States and Monarto Zoo, South Australia. The two females and one male have been behind-the-scenes at the Zoo’s old lion exhibit undergoing quarantine and recently moved to the Lion Pride Lands precinct.

Evelyn and Marion are sisters and have been settling in to life in Dubbo. Evelyn is the quieter of the two and has built up a bond with her keepers. She will often come over to the fence to greet them. Marion on the other hand is the feistiest of the pair and is not as relaxed as Evelyn.  

Mlinzi is a very impressive male, he is very bold and likes to let his keepers know he is around. He does however, also have a calm nature about him.

“Mlinzi is currently being held separately from Evelyn and Marion as they all have time to settle in to their new environment at Pride Lands,” said Keeper Megan Lewis.

“We are currently rotating our pair Lazarus and Maya, their four juvenile boys along with the three new lions across our two exhibits, so each day visitors may see a different group or pairing on display.”

Whilst Marion and Evelyn are currently separate from the male Mlinzi, they will be introduced together in the coming months with the hope that in the future they will breed and produce the pitter-patter of lion cub paws once again at the Zoo.

“The introductions will be done behind-the-scenes and during this time Maya and Lazarus will be the lions that our guests will see.”

“A great time to hear about the new additions to Pride Lands is at the daily keeper talk at 2.45pm,” said Megan.

It is hoped that all the movements at the Lion Pride Lands will result in breeding success and also a new genetic bloodline for the Lion population in the Australasian region.