Meet Meeka the White Rhino calf

Meet Meeka the White Rhino calf

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Posted on 20th September 2019 by Media Relations

To celebrate World Rhino Day, Sunday 22 September, Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s is announcing their White Rhino calf now has a name! Meet Meeka, meaning brave and strong-hearted, which is of African origin. The name was chosen from all the hundreds of entries by the Zoo’s keepers as they felt it represented her personality very well.  

Meeka was born on Sunday 18 August 2019 to mum Mopani and has been on exhibit for the past couple of weeks.

“From the beginning Meeka has shown herself to be strong-willed and defiant. At just over a month old she is showing her adventurous personality, she is curious of her surrounds and is very energetic,” said White Rhino Keeper, Simone Low.

Mopani is being a very protective mum and whilst she has allowed Meeka to meet her older sister, Kamari, her aunty figure Likwezi is still hanging back for now giving mum and calf plenty of space.

“Meeka has been seen running around the paddock and bouncing around the exhibit to the delight of visitors who witness this behaviour.”

“She is still feeding from mum but has been observed taste testing Mopani’s food and learning what her food will be as she grows up,” said Simone.

A big thank you to everyone who entered the naming competition and provided suggestions.

This World Rhino Day you can see Meeka the White Rhino calf on exhibit with the rest of the herd and there is a special White Rhino keeper talk at 2:15pm today where you can learn more about the newest rhino addition at the Zoo.