Eland return to greener pastures

Eland return to greener pastures

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Posted on 02nd October 2020 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Eland herd have returned to their lush green paddock after spending some time behind-the-scenes to allow the pasture to grow on their exhibit.

During the Zoo’s temporary closure period the maintenance team took the opportunity to do some pasture improvement on the Eland exhibit along with a number of other paddocks at the Zoo. This included re-seeding the pastures with a combination of grasses, legumes and oats as well as top dressing the paddocks.

“The drought had really taken its toll on a number of these paddocks and particularly the pastures that the animals love to graze so whilst we were closed it was a good opportunity to help re-establish the pasture,” said Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Asset manager, Kathleen Oke.

“The continued rainfall across the past few months has really helped the pastures grow and turn the paddocks that were looking very dry and dusty to lush green habitats for our animals”  

The Eland have been the last herd to return to the Zoo’s main circuit following the pasture improvement. Last week the herd were transported from the paddock behind-the-scenes back to the main exhibit.

“We transported the Eland herd over the course of a few trips in the Zoo’s animal transport truck,” said Supervisor, Pascale Benoit.

The Eland herd spent almost five months at their temporary location behind-the-scenes, which allowed the pasture to return to their exhibit.

“Some of the Eland returned to the greener pastures with more being transferred back shortly and they were definitely happy to be back and be able to graze on the fresh grass,” said Pascale.

“It is really great to see them back at their home and enjoying the lush green grass,” said Pascale.


Eland back on exhibit
Eland back on exhibit