Students gain insights into conservation in Dubbo

Students gain insights into conservation in Dubbo

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Posted on 09th February 2021 by Media Relations

Last week eight university students descended on Taronga Western Plains Zoo as part of their final year of the Taronga Wildlife Conservation degree. The students immersed themselves in conservation initiatives undertaken at the Zoo, learnt from expert practitioners and developed essential skills to take forward into their careers.

“The Taronga Wildlife Conservation degree inspires the next generation of advocates for the protection of wildlife. Students learn both theory and practical skills at Taronga and the University of Sydney,” said Emma Thompson, University Program Coordinator and Lecturer at Taronga.

The course is part of the unique alliance between Taronga and the University of Sydney, formed in 2018. This alliance is the only one of its kind in Australia, providing a unique experience of learning at and from both of these iconic institutions.

The week at Taronga Western Plains Zoo was a combination of theory and practical where students learnt about the numerous native conservation breeding programs based in Dubbo, including the Plains-wanderer, Regent Honeyeater and the Greater Bilby programs.

“These students were the first to undertake the final year of the course so it provided them with a more personalised experience,” said Emma.

“The feedback so far from the week in Dubbo has been overwhelmingly positive. Students have commented that it was the best week ever and they loved the content and practical experience offered and gained.”

“This degree provides students with skills for the protection of species, habitats and ecosystems and prepares them for a range of careers, from working with a non-government organisation through to developing policy or conducting vital research,” said Emma.

Next year over 40 students will undertake the week at Taronga Western Plains Zoo to experience a similar program as part of their final year of study.