How YOU can help support an Aussie Icon

How YOU can help support an Aussie Icon

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Posted on 13th October 2021 by Media Relations

It’s difficult to comprehend and imagine the land down under without its iconic Koala, however this much-loved species is facing an uncertain future if we don’t make a change.

Koala populations were already suffering from major declines prior to the Black Summer bushfires. This catastrophic event accelerated the decline of already fragile populations, with research showing that there has been a 30% decline in the total Koala populations since 2018 and with NSW having the worst decline in population at 41%.

Although this may seem daunting, and you may be thinking – how could I possibly help, I am only one person – the truth is everyone has a role to play in securing a future for Koalas!

That’s why for the month of November we have joined forces with our Principal Partner Citi Australia to highlight ways you can support this Aussie icon and ensure a future for them for generations to come. 

From taking your dog for its daily walk to making your way up the east coast for your annual Christmas camping trip, there are many everyday activities that can lead to a Koala encounter. To ensure this encounter is a positive one there are a few key steps to keep in mind.

Take it slow on the roads!

Koalas are often regular victims of motor-vehicle incidents, particularly around busier school holiday periods. Motor-vehicle collisions are one of the main reasons for hospital admissions in Koalas, so, the next time you are travelling in known Koala habitat, particularly around dawn or dusk, make sure you are travelling slowly and keep a lookout for native wildlife – you’ll never know what you might encounter! And if you ever spot a Koala in need of assistance make sure you report it

Keep your furry friends at a distance

Unfortunately, our beloved furry friends can sometimes be a major problem, not just for Koalas but all native wildlife. Domestic and more commonly feral cats are capable of taking and killing a joey or an adolescent Koala and dogs are also known to attack Koalas if they come to the ground in search of water or a new tree. To ensure you keep both your furry friend and our incredible wildlife safe you can adopt the following habits: 

  • Ensure when your cat is outside it is wearing a collar with a bell. This allows native wildlife to hear the cat approaching and gives them the chance to getaway
  • Make sure you bring your cat inside overnight as this is when wildlife is most active
  • Always walk your dog on a lead around bush and forest areas
  • Try to keep your canine friend away from gum trees

Shop sustainably – choose FSC 

Although it may be hard to see the connection at first, sustainable shopping and purchasing products with the FSC label are very much connected. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council and is found on MILLIONS of products around the globe. From toilet rolls and books, to the cartons of eggs you find your fridge! By choosing products with this ecolabel you are helping take care of the world’s forests, and in doing so helping to protect vital Koala habitat. 

Plant native!

Another way you can help protect and restore Koala habitat is by planting your very own native trees. Rather than picking exotic species for your next garden why not include a few native plants such as eucalyptus trees! Although it does take a fair few years for the trees to become mature eventually these very trees could be the habitat and food supply for a range of native wildlife.

Want to know what species of eucalyptus these fussy eaters like best? Check out this incredible source that has done all the hard work for you! 

Koala adoptions

And if you feel like going above and beyond you can even purchase your very own Koala Adoption! Not only do the funds raised from these adoptions help support our two wildlife hospitals which care for injured or displaced Koalas, but they also help fund vital conservation work that is being performed to help restore wildlife corridors throughout Australia. Visit here to find out more or purchase your very own Koala Adoption today. And don’t forget, for the month of November, Citi Australia is matching* donations towards Koala Adoptions and via the Tap and Donate terminals located at the Koala exhibit at Taronga Zoo Sydney. *Up to a total amount of $10,000.

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