New king in town

New king in town

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Posted on 29th November 2021 by Media Relations

Meet Lwazi the African Lion and the newest member of the Lion Pridelands at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Lwazi is a four-year-old male and has come to Dubbo from Taronga Zoo in Sydney to be introduced to two females here with the hope that there will be the pitter patter of little cub feet in the future.

Since arriving a couple of months ago Lwazi has been settling in well and exploring his new surroundings. He is often spotted on the large rocks in the behind-the-scenes yards keeping an eye on his keepers and trying to see what the neighbouring lions are up to. 

“Currently Lwazi is spending time with both Marion and Evelyn and guests can sometimes see him with Marion on the larger exhibit at Lion Pridelands. It is hoped that soon all three will be spending time together out on the main exhibit,” said Lion keeper Ally Stoimenoff.

“Whilst Lwazi shares his time with Marion and Evelyn at present, he also sometimes can be seen on his own in the afternoons.”

“The process of introducing any animal to another can be a little nerve racking, as you want everything to go smoothly. We have a very experienced team of keepers overseeing this process and we all understand the behaviours and personalities of the lions, so it has been a positive process so far,” said Ally.

For Marion and Evelyn this introduction to a male Lion has been a long time coming, so the team are very excited to finally have the pair getting to know Lwazi and seeing positive interactions with him.

Lwazi is a cheeky and inquisitive lion who has a lovely temperament and is very calm. When he is out on exhibit he is often seen rolling in the grass and playing with low-lying branches. Whilst he was initially quite shy when he arrived, he is now finding his feet and building confidence in his new pride land.

The hope for Lwazi is that he successfully breeds with both Marion and Evelyn and creates a new genetic line in the regional breeding program for the species. So, at the moment it is watch this space and hopefully in the future there will be lion cubs once again in Dubbo.