Little Weja learns to be a 'real' echidna

Little Weja learns to be a 'real' echidna

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Posted on 21st April 2022 by Media Relations

Remember Weja, the short-beaked echidna puggle being cared for at Taronga Wildlife Hospital?

Little Weja is all grown up now and is venturing outside every day to learn how to behave like a wild echidna in preparation for release back to the area where it was found.

Weja's surrogate mum, veterinary nurse Liz McConnell, is happy to report that Weja is behaving just as a young echidna should. 

"I've been caring for Weja for five months now," says Liz. "Weja is developing really nicely and recently has been exploring the outside world a lot and has been showing really good natural behaviours: lot's of digging, lot's of foraging with its beak, breaking open logs, eating ants and drinking water from puddles." 

Check out this gorgeous video with nurse Liz to hear all about the animal's progress.


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