World Chimpanzee Day

World Chimpanzee Day

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Posted on 15th July 2022 by Media Relations

Today is the fourth ever World Chimpanzee Day! It is also a day that marks the first time Dr Jane Goodall stepped foot into what is now known Gombe National Park, Tanzania, to study Chimpanzees, man’s closest living relative.

To celebrate World Chimpanzee Day, Taronga's Primate Keepers prepared some sweet treats in the form of fruit and fruit puree cakes, because just like many of us, Chimpanzees also have a sweet tooth! 

If you are planning a visit to Taronga Zoo soon make sure you swing on by our Chimpanzee community, where you can learn a thing or two about our wonderful Chimpanzee group and the partnership we have with Jane Goodall Institute Australia. Jane's Institute is committed to helping Chimpanzees in the wild who are orphaned due to the illegal bush meat and pet trade.

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