Taronga’s Statement on the outcome of the Referendum

Taronga’s Statement on the outcome of the Referendum

Posted on 17th October 2023 by Media Relations

Taronga’s Statement on the outcome of the Referendum

In the wake of the Voice Referendum, we fully and sincerely acknowledge the different spectrum of emotions felt today.  

We acknowledge that for many First Nations Australians, a ‘no’ result has caused deep hurt and pain.  Our hearts go out to you all.   

The outcome of the Referendum does not define how Taronga and all of us individually will move forward into our future.  

Taronga is committed to moving in step with our First Nation’s Community, in this journey together.  

This result does not mean the voice of First Nations Peoples disappears. It means that we need to work harder at finding better ways to consult and listen deeply.  

Our resolve is to translate the energy we are feeling into the ongoing commitment and actions and not into disappointment.  

Taronga continues our Commitment to Country and a commitment to a future where our First Nations People’s knowledge, understanding, connection and spirit is heard, valued, respected, and is informing and influencing our work.  

Taronga believes in equality for marginalised people and communities. Our Commitment to Country is unwavering to embedding a way of working that respects and includes Indigenous Peoples, cultures and place. 

The Voice to Parliament was never going to be the single solution to a reconciled Australia and a future where 65,000 years of custodianship of Country; of walking this land, caring for it, knowing its creation, understanding how to live sustainably, and supporting each other is acknowledged, celebrated, and included.   

We especially acknowledge the significant cultural load that has been imposed on our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues and communities leading up to the referendum.  

We call upon our people and our community to remain kind and respectful, to support one another and to listen and learn from each other as we navigate the future together.