Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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Otter pup born February 2018
Wednesday 30 May is World Otter Day, a day to raise awareness about the plight of the Otter species due to illegal wildlife trade and loss of habitat.
Last week Taronga Western Plains Zoo celebrated National Volunteer Week with a special morning tea for our volunteers to thank them for the countless hours of time and service they provide to the Zoo every year.
Hundreds of photos taken in Kenya will help researchers determine the size of Giraffe and Zebra populations.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s biggest investment in an animal exhibit to date, Lion Pride Lands, officially opened at Easter, and continues to prove popular with locals and travellers alike. But there’s more in store for visitors to enjoy this year, with yet another exciting precinct and the Zoo’s newest development ‘Wild Herds’, opening in June.
This International Compost Awareness Week, buy discounted composting products and help Taronga fight extinction.
Zoo keepers and staff at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are delighted with the special arrival of an Oriental Small-clawed Otter pup, born on 20 February 2018!
Elephants have the longest gestation period of any land animal at 22 months. And with just over two months left until her due date in July 2018, Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s pregnant Asian Elephant cow, Porntip, is on the home run.
Motorists on the road during the autumn school holidays can help save Australian wildlife with some simple planning.
Dying and decaying large limbs and old trees are homes for wildlife and a source of food for insects, which in turn feed other species.
The Greater Bilby is one of Australia’s iconic animals. But unlike the kangaroo or koala, you’d count yourself very lucky if you ever saw one in the wild. The Bilby once occupied vast areas across the Australian mainland but there’s been a significant decline over the last 200 years—and population numbers continue to decrease.



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Public Notices

Update on three year old White Rhino Macheo
As part of a 10 year Centenary Master Plan upgrade, Taronga has submitted plans to build an Australian Habitat Exhibit (phase 1) which includes an overnight conservation experience called the Taronga Wildlife Retreat.
Taronga Zoo would not dissect animals for public display. Taronga’s first concern is always for the welfare and dignity of the remarkable animals in our care.
Taronga Zoo’s young male elephant, Luk Chai, 5, had some dental work on his tusks today. Taronga’s Senior Veterinarian, Dr Larry Vogelnest, said some elephants including Luk Chai, have brittle tusks that are prone to cracking and infection.