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Here at Taronga, we aim to continually improve our animal habitats while striving to enhance the experience for our guests.

You might come across some construction work when you visit Taronga Zoo. Most of our 4,000 animals of 322 species can be seen as usual.

Closures & changes:

Short-term closures & changes:

  • The QBE Free-flight Bird Show will not take place on Tuesday 18th July due to improvement works. An alternative Condor Talk will be offered at 12pm and 3pm.
  • The Lemur Forest Adventure Walk-thru is currently closed for the primate breeding season
  • Due to routine maintenance, Sky Safari Cable Car will be closed from Tuesday 25th July to Friday 28th July. Public bus services are available from the Zoo Wharf to Main Entrance and the Lower Entrance will be open.
  • Our Meerkat family have moved to a new home, map reference 7H.

  • The Koala Walkabout is closed and Koalas can be seen at the Koala Encounter exhibit map ref. 4J. The 3:30pm Koala Keeper Talk will also take place at map ref. 4J.

Building a Better Zoo 

To continually enrich your visits to the Zoo we need to invest in the future - we need to work on improving our animal habitats and deliver experiences that influence positive behaviour change to support the future of our wildlife. Click here for more information. 

During this time, these animals cannot be seen: 

  • Lions 
  • Sumatran Tigers (may be seen at Taronga Western Plains Zoo)
  • Male Red Kangaroos
  • Taronga’s Orang-utans have moved to an off-exhibit area and will soon be moving to a new home at Mogo Zoo. The old Orang-utan exhibit has been refurbished to provide our Squirrel Monkeys with an amazing new home, which also allows visitors to get up close to these playful primates.
  • Disruptions to the regular daily routine for our Chimpanzees:
    Taronga Zoo has welcomed new female Chimpanzees to be introduced to our world renowned community. This can be a very long and complex process. These new individuals have to form friendships and alliances within smaller groups before being accepted by the entire community. This is a time of great excitement and tension for our community. As a result, there will be disruptions to the regular daily routine for our Chimpanzees. For more information, click here.

We thank you for your understanding during these very exciting times and look forward to welcoming you back to our amazing new experiences in the future.