Win a trip to South Africa

Win a trip to South Africa

Have you ever wanted to see a rhino in the wild?

Have you always wanted to go on Safari and support critical conservation through travelling?

Thanks to South African Tourism and our new partnership, that is exactly what Taronga will be offering one lucky family – seeing South Africa’s majestic animals in the wild and learning more about ongoing conservation efforts aimed at ensuring these animals don’t go extinct.

Black Rhinoceros

South Africa, home to over 95,000 known species

Did you know South Africa is home to 80% of the world’s Rhino population? It's also home to approximately 2,000 of the critically endangered Black Rhino. Did you know that rhinos are an ancient species that have existed on Earth for over 50 million years?

Due to the poaching of these magnificent animals, they are predicted to become extinct in our lifetimes. When you visit one of South Africa’s game reserves, your visit helps to fund conservation and anti-poaching efforts. In addition to the land animals, the seas are home to around 2,000 marine species that visit South African waters throughout the year including whales, dolphins, seals, Great White Sharks, and the endangered African Penguin. 

Travelling Consciously for wildlife

When travelling, did you know you should turn your data roaming off when on Safari in South Africa? Do you know petting wild animals is an ethical no-no when travelling overseas? 

Understanding what to look for in ethical tourism locations will help you make informed choices when traveling abroad. Our partnership aims to empower you to critically evaluate tourism operators when visiting areas with abundant wildlife. By providing travel trips below, South African Tourism sets out to support your planning so that one day you can see these magnificent animals safely in the wild!

Empower me on how to travel ethically and responsibly with wildlife


  • See animals in their natural habitat – like on a South African safari 
  • Take part in meaningful conservation initiatives. In South Africa, you can participate in wild rhino notching to help protect the species 
  • Support credible Sanctuaries and Rehabilitation centres – here are some ways to how: 
  1. They are recognised as such by a credible organisation 
  2. There’s no commercial exploitation of animals 
  3. The animals aren’t being coerced or forced to participate in an activity 
  4. The animals can move away or be out of sight of visitors and other animals 
  5. The animals are not required to do anything that is unnatural behaviour 
  6. The animals can act and behave naturally whilst in captivity 
  7. The welfare of the animals supervised by a licensed veterinarian 
  8. There is written policy for conservation and/or an education program
  • Ask questions – if a facility has many baby animals, where will they end up? They should either be released into the wild, relocated as part of a recognised conservation program or have a home for life at the facility. 


  • Riding wild animals like elephants 
  • Watching performing animals demonstrating unnatural behaviours 
  • Supporting organisations which allow touching of any infant wild animals such as cub petting 
  • Supporting organisations which allow touching of predators  
  • Walking with predators or elephants 

Win a trip to South Africa

What better way can South Africa share the importance of conservation for their native animals, than to invite two adults and two children to immerse in meaningful conservation right in the heart of South Africa! South Africa ranks as the third most biodiverse country in the world due to its species diversity and diverse ecosystems including deserts, wetlands, bushveld, grasslands, mountains, and subtropical forests.

Please note: This footage was provided by South African Tourism and depicts the whole of South Africa as a destination. It does not represent the prize. 

To showcase this biodiverse hotspot, and thanks the Adventure World, the below package could be yours!

The South African Experience

Rhino spotted on Safari in South Africa

Discover the extraordinary beauty of South Africa which is unlike any other, and participate in a life-changing rhino conservation initiative.

This experience is for two adults and two children (under 12 years old) for 7 days and 6 nights, enjoying the comforts of 4-star accommodation.

Take in the iconic Cape Town – its spectacular mountain ranges, including the famous Table Mountain, sweeping beaches and nature reserves teeming with wildlife, before travelling to Kwandwe Game Reserve, where you will spend three nights witnessing African wildlife in their natural habitat on safari, participating in rhino tracking and learning about the habits of this critically endangered species.

Full Trip Description

7 days and 6 nights South African Safari and Experience  

Please note: This package is for 2 adults and 2 children (under 12 years old)*


  • Return airport transfers Cape Town 
  • 3 nights Cape Town – 4+star accommodation B&B (accommodation to be determined)
  • Transfers to and from Kwandwe Game Lodge
  • 3 nights Kwandwe Game lodge

Activities include: 

Half Day Trip of Cape Town & Table Mountain 

See landmarks such as the Castle of Good Hope, City Hall, Grand Parade and St. George's Cathedral - the district of Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu - and pass by Company Gardens and the colourful houses of the Malay Quarter Bo-Kaap.

Half Day Private Cape Peninsula Tour

Bring your camera; you're headed for Cape Point at the South Western tip of the Cape Peninsula, and some of the most spectacular views in the world. The drive there is just as inspiring, passing steep mountains, secluded coves and sweeping beaches, villages and seaside communities.

Tour along the Atlantic coast, passing through Sea Point and Camps Bay with its glorious views of the Twelve Apostles to the Cape Point Nature Reserve, comprising over 17,300 acres of indigenous fauna and flora including baboons, Rhebok, Cape Mountain zebra, Bontebok and the elusive Eland. The reserve is also one of the world's largest breeding grounds for tortoises.

Birdwatchers, too, will find many fine species to observe. Then return to Cape Town by way of Simon's Town, where you will visit the African Penguin colony at Boulders Beach. 

3 nights Kwandwe Private Game Reserve staying at ECCA lodge or similar – fully inclusive of all meals, game drives and activities  

Start and end each day with safari game drives, seeing African animals in their natural habitat

Participate in a RHINO MONITORING EXPERIENCE – a critical conservation practice. Spend 3 - 4 hours tracking rhinos with a rhino monitoring specialist by safari vehicle. Learn about the habits of this threatened species, the issue of rhino poaching as well as Kwandwe’s own conservation efforts.

Trip exclusions


  • Travel Insurance 
  • Items of a personal nature 
  • Trip can’t be redeemed for cash 
  • Travel period – 01 May - 30 September 2023 or 01 May – 30 September 2024 
  • Trip is non-transferrable  

Please note: This package is for 2 adults and 2 children (under 12 years old) - most lodges won’t allow children under 6 to go on game drives, participation under the age of 6 is at the discretion of the operators. Please note, anyone over the age of 12 years is considered an adult.  

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The details:  

When you visit either of Taronga’s Zoos between 22 September and 23 October, pick up a kids map and get ready for your safari– in Sydney, the Kids Map can be collected from the Information Desk and in Dubbo, the Kids Map can be collected from the Entry Check Point. Marked with five African animals that call Taronga home, you’ll go on an adventure to learn about each species.  

Once you answer all the questions (keep an eye out for the answers on the trail markers!), enter the secret word above for an entry into the competition!

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We invite our guests to spot a rhino anywhere at either Zoo and submit your photo to along with your email address and phone number to collect your third entry into the competition. 

Where will you spot a Rhino?

  • Will it be a real rhino at Taronga Western Plains Zoo?
  • Will it be a rhino sculpture at Taronga Zoo?
  • Did someone spot a rhino plush from our retail shop?

Seeing a rhino in the wild is a sight to behold. Your practice spotting might just help you on safari in South Africa!

*If you are under 18 years old, please have an adult enter their details 

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Our Partnership with South African Tourism  

South African Tourism LogoTaronga is excited to partner with South African Tourism to educate adventurers on ethical tourism with respect to wildlife. Through the partnership we’ll continue to share helpful tips, things to look out for and ways you can make a positive impact towards wildlife welfare and conservation.