QBE School Banner Design Competition

QBE School Banner Design Competition

Students are invited to design a banner that will decorate Taronga Zoo Sydney during the entire month of October 2019!

There are five stage categories. A winner from each stage will be selected: Early Stage 1 (Kindergarten), Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 4.

Put your students' creativity to the test and give them the chance to have their work put on display as well as winning a special behind the scenes experience for the winning student and their whole class at the QBE Free Flight Bird Show

Entries close Friday 30 August 2019

The theme

‘Birds as Pollinators’ 

Birds are all around us. In Australia we are spoilt with a rich and an equally fascinating variety of feathered friends taking to the skies. No matter where you are from, or where you live, every day there is an opportunity to connect and see remarkable birds when we take the time to stop and pay attention...

Whilst birds already inspire us with their beauty, they also do a lot for us. Birds have an important role in pollination, which helps ensure humans, and animals have enough food to eat. Whilst the bird is feeding at a flower, when it visits another flower of the same species, it transfers the pollen to that flower. When flowers are pollinated, plants can produce the fruits and seeds that feed other species. 

Think about different species of birds that are pollinators and the wild, bright flowers that attract them and use both aspects as your inspiration for Taronga’s 2019 QBE School’s Banner Competition. 

At Taronga, our cause is ‘For the Wild’. By caring for the wild we are for ourselves and each other. The ‘wild’ isn’t always a destination far away from where YOU are - the ‘wild’ can be right in your own backyard! 

The prize

All winners will receive FREE entry to Taronga Zoo Sydney to see their banners on display. Students will also get the chance to watch the QBE Free Flight Bird Show followed by a special behind-the-scenes experience for their whole class.

Thanks to the generous support of QBE, winning classes of schools travelling outside a 30km radius of Taronga Zoo Sydney will have their travel costs covered on their chosen day to visit Taronga Zoo. Terms and conditions apply.

How to enter

  1. Download the artwork entry template and draw your design in the space provided. 
  2. Scan your entry in and save a digital copy as a PDF.
  3. All entrants will then be required to log in via Google to register using the competition Google Form. Setting up a login is quick and easy if you do not already have existing details set up!
  4. Fill in your details on the form, upload your design as a PDF and go in the running to win!

Alternatively, teachers can also complete the postal registration form and post this, along with the original student entries from their class, to ‘Corporate Partnerships, School Banner Competition, Taronga Zoo Sydney, PO Box 20, Mosman, NSW 2088’

Read the full terms and conditions.