Enrichment design competition

Enrichment design competition

Design your own animal enrichment

This competition has now closed.

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Past competition information

Zoo keepers and volunteers at Taronga Zoo spend a large amount of time creating enrichment for the animals in their care. Students' design and productions skills were put to the test by submitting a new and exciting enrichment design for one of three of the animals found at Taronga Zoo.

The animals

  • Meerkat 
  • Greater Bilby
  • Short Beaked Echidna

Enrichment is an important aspect of animal husbandry in Zoos. Enrichment tries to make life at the zoo as natural and stimulating as possible. Their purpose is to induce as near to natural behaviour as possible as well as promoting mental and physical activity.

The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. outlines the five enrichment categories:

Competition requirements

  • IDENTIFY and DEFINE - select one of the three animals below and use the stimulus information to familiarise yourself with their needs
  • RESEARCH and PLAN - it is important to have sound knowledge of the species’ natural behaviours and physiology when developing an enrichment tool. Undertake further research about the animal as well as existing enrichment designs and materials before designing a device that will encourage natural behaviour as well as promoting mental and physical activity
  • PRODUCE and IMPLEMENT – prototype or create your enrichment design
  • TEST and EVALUATE – use the enrichment design checklist below to ensure your design meets all the criteria

The Enrichment Competition Resource was also a great tool to help build an understanding on the animals to design enrichment for, different examples of enrichment to help spark creativity and also introduced Taronga's behavioural scientist team that judged the entries.

The winning enrichment designs were chosen by a judge zoo keeper and behavioural scientist from Taronga Zoo and chosen designers received FREE entry for their whole class to visit Taronga Zoo Sydney, meet the judges and observe their enrichment object being given to their chosen animal.