Stage 3 - 5: Enclosure Design

Stage 3 - 5: Enclosure Design


Modern Zoos are conservation, education and research facilities that support wildlife conservation both onsite and in the wild. In this fascinating workshop, students learn how enclosures are designed to support the animals needs and allows them to display their natural adaptations. They will learn about and consider animal welfare and enrichment, visitor engagement and interpretation, keeper safety and functionality, as well as budgeting and ethical, sustainable design principles.

What's involved

This workshop will be delivered in the Taronga Institute of Science & Learning Habitat Classrooms or Seminar Rooms at Taronga Zoo Sydney and is also available at Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo.  See below for further information.

At school

Students being the journey to help the Zoo expand its facilities to hold one additional animal. This will be a stand-along exhibit and students need to consider all the criteria involved in providing a facility such as this. A student journal will guide students through the research and design process to be undertaken.

At the Zoo

Taronga Zoo SydneyTaronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo
Using the provided proforma students will carry out enclosure assessments considering the pros and cons and the changes they would recommend making. During this workshop students interact with animals and learn about their needs to ensure the enclosure meets all design requirements. Take a tour of key Zoo exhibits to examine innovative and creative design solutions for animal exhibits. Students will evaluate a range of design processes which integrate emerging technologies, ethical design principles and Workplace Health and Safety requirements. 


This program can be delivered to meet outcomes explicit to subject areas, or as part of an Integrated Unit of work across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.