Stage 6: Observing Animal Behaviour

Stage 6: Observing Animal Behaviour


This depth studies workshop introduces students to the necessity of observation to drive scientific investigation. Behavioural observations allow scientists to collect and record data which enables them to test hypothesis to ensure animal wellbeing and survival. 

What's involved

This workshop is available at Taronga Zoo Sydney only and will be delivered in the Taronga Institute of Science & Learning Seminar Rooms. See below for further information.

At the Zoo

Taronga Zoo SydneyTaronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo
Students will learn about primary data collection through authentic scientific animal observations. With over 4000 animals in our care, Taronga Zoo Sydney is the perfect environment for students to observe and record animal behaviour.This workshop is not available at Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo


Knowledge and Understanding:

  • INS11-8 identifies that the collection of primary and secondary data initiates scientific investigations

Working Scientifically:

  • INS11/12-1 develops and evaluates questions and hypotheses for scientific investigation
  • INS11/12-2 designs and evaluates investigations in order to obtain primary and secondary data and information
  • INS11/12-3 conducts investigations to collect valid and reliable primary and secondary data and information
  • INS11/12-7 communicates scientific understanding using suitable language and terminology for a specific audience or purpose