Stage 4 - 5: Science in Action

Stage 4 - 5: Science in Action


Observation drives scientific investigation. Central to scientific inquiry is the idea that we need evidence to be able to develop solid conclusions. In this workshop students work as scientists exploring the Key Inquiry Question- How does observation instigate scientific investigation? 

This workshop is available at Taronga Zoo Sydney only and will be delivered in the Taronga Institute of Science & Learning Habitat Classrooms.  See below for further information.


Stage 4

  • SC4-4WS identifies questions and problems that can be tested or researched and makes predictions based on scientific knowledge
  • SC4-6WS follows a sequence of instructions to safely undertake a range of investigation types, collaboratively and individually
  • SC4-9WS presents science ideas, findings and information to a given audience using appropriate scientific language, text types and representations

Stage 5

  • SC5-4WS develops questions or hypotheses to be investigated scientifically
  • SC5-6WS undertakes first-hand investigations to collect valid and reliable data and information, individually and collaboratively
  • SC5-9WS presents science ideas and evidence for a particular purpose and to a specific audience, using appropriate scientific language, conventions and representations