Stage 2 - 3: Through the Eyes of a Scientist

Stage 2 - 3: Through the Eyes of a Scientist


Curiosity drives scientific discovery by bringing learners to knowledge. Students will become a scientist, exploring the scientific process through our amazing immersive classroom habitats.

What's involved

This workshop is available at Taronga Zoo Sydney only and will be delivered in the Taronga Institute of Science & Learning Habitat Classrooms. See below for further information.

Stage 2

  • ST2-1WS-S questions, plans and conducts scientific investigations, collects and summarises data and communicates using scientific representations
  • ST2-4LW compares features and characteristics of living and non-living things

Stage 3

  • ST3-1WS plans and conducts scientific investigations to answer testable questions, and collects and summarises data to communicate conclusions
  • ST3-4LW-S examines how the environment affects the growth, survival and adaptation of living things