The Evolution of Australian Wildlife

The Evolution of Australian Wildlife

Pack your bags and journey back in time to the formation of Australia. Explore the history of the Australian continent and diversity of our native animals. 

We will be your guides on an investigation of the amazing ways species have overcome their environmental challenges. 

Join us in exploring some of Australia's most charismatic residents and discover what makes them so unique!

Workshop highlights

  • The story of Australia - Rewind to the formation of the Australian continent and follow the changing climate as it drives the evolution of uniquely Australian species
  • Evolution in action - Investigate our Australian animals and explore what makes them so well suited for their environment. Did you know the tree kangaroo is an excellent example of evolution in action? Learn why this curious species is loving life in the trees!
  • Blue Mountains Walkabout - Take a stroll through our Bushwalk while discussing the issues facing wildlife today. Learn about what Taronga is doing to secure a shared future for people and wildlife and find out how you can take positive action for the wild

Booking details 

Availability: 9:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday, 90 minutes in duration.

Pricing: $250 per workshop plus $28.20 per student. Includes zoo admission and 1 coordinator free per 10 students.

  • Recommended group size is 12-30 students
  • All courses are currently only being offered at our Taronga Zoo Sydney location
  • Taronga is a not-for-profit organisation. Your payment goes towards our work for wildlife and conservation here and around the world