The Science of Wildlife Reproduction

The Science of Wildlife Reproduction

From one offspring every two years to over 300 million each season, wildlife species have an enormous range of reproductive strategies.

Using examples from the animal world, learn about the diversity of sexual tactics, anatomy, behaviours and the chemistry that makes partners attractive.

Join us on an adventure through wildlife reproduction, deciphering reproductive strategies to discover what makes them truly wild!

Workshop highlights

  • Who's got the moves? - Why are some species driven to such extreme length to attract a mate? Explore the diversity of courtship strategies in the animal kingdom. Find out how a peacock's beautiful display is actually an exemplary example of Darwin's theory of sexual selection!
  • Let's play Monopoly - What does it take to maximise your reproductive success? Participants willl be challenged to adopt effective strategies for attracting a mate and gain valuable insight into how the monopolization of resources and social organisation can play an important role in driving behaviours and mating strategies
  • Romantic stroll - Improving our understanding of animal reproductive strategies enables us to better protect species in the wild and in our care. Take a stroll with us as we visit some of Taronga's youngest residents and learn how Taronga's conservation breeding programmes are making a difference for the future of these species

Booking details

Availability: 9:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday, 90 minutes in duration.

Pricing: $250 per workshop plus $28.20 per student. Includes zoo admission and 1 coordinator free per 10 students.

  • Recommended group size is 12-30 students
  • All courses are currently only being offered at our Taronga Zoo Sydney location
  • Taronga is a not-for-profit organisation. Your payment goes towards our work for wildlife and conservation here and around the world