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There’s something about Mary

Mary the Sun Bear

Mary, a boisterous almost three year old, has recently joined the Taronga family from Canberra’s National Zoo and Aquarium. 

Mary is a playful and mischievous bear, who is always active and is renowned for rearranging her exhibit, just the way she likes it. She can usually be seen climbing, digging, ripping logs apart, chasing and wrestling with Mr. Hobbs or relaxing in her hammock. 

Mary has recently come to Taronga to be a companion to Mr Hobbs.

Mr Hobbs, the man about town

Keeping up with Mary has brought a new lease on life to Mr Hobbs. She is teaching him to be more adventurous and he’s now working harder at looking for his behavioural enrichment items that they are offered several times each day. 

Next time you visit, spend some time watching Mary and Mr Hobbs in their enclosure near the Taronga Food Market. See if you can tell them apart. Mary has a U-shaped mark on her chest and Mr Hobbs looks like he is wearing a bow-tie.

Defending the wild

Defending the wild
Asia is the wild home of five species of bear, including the Sun Bear, Asiatic Black (or Moon) Bear, Sloth Bear, Brown Bear and Giant Panda. All Asian bears are in decline due largely to habitat destruction and the commercial trade in bears and their parts.