Double the fun as two Koala joeys emerge at Taronga

Double the fun as two Koala joeys emerge at Taronga

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Posted on 03rd December 2019 by Media Relations

Taronga Zoo Sydney is delighted to announce that two adorable Koala joeys have made their entrance into the world, just in time for the summer school holidays.

The joeys Ella and Matteo were born in February this year and have spent the last nine months safe in the comfort of their mums’ pouches, only just having emerged to explore their new surroundings. Ella was born on the 2nd February and is the first Joey to mum Milawa, while Matteo was born on the 16th February to relaxed, second-time mum Wattle.

Taronga Zoo Koala Keeper Laura Jones said despite not having been out of the pouch for long, the two joeys are tracking along well and have already developed their own unique personalities.

“It’s fantastic to see both Joeys and both mums doing so well. Ella is already experimenting a little with her independence and comfortable sitting on her own, although still staying close to mum. Matteo on the other hand has proved himself to be adventurous young joey, a healthy eater and a big fan of his leaves,” said Jones.

Native to the east coast of Australia, Koalas are currently listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List having come under significant threat from human interaction, habitat loss and recent catastrophic bushfires.

While Koalas are in a in a very tough position, there are lots of choices people can make to help secure a future for this iconic Australian species.

“If you find yourself driving at dawn or dusk, slow down and take extra care to look for wildlife who may be out and about. When you’re at the shops, look for products such a toilet paper with the FSC logo to show they have come from a sustainable source.

“If you’re feeling a little further away from the problem, consider making a donation to Taronga’s Koala Emergency Appeal which provides much-needed assistance to help treat injured wildlife while also building out a long-term strategy to secure a future for Koalas,” said Jones.

Ella and Matteo are part of Taronga Zoo’s koala breeding program, with two more joeys expected to emerge at the Zoo this breeding season.