Bright orange monkey begins to explore at Taronga

Bright orange monkey begins to explore at Taronga

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Posted on 30th November 2015 by Media Relations

A bright orange Francois’ Langur baby is just one of the new faces that visitors will see at Taronga Zoo these school holidays.

The male infant, who keepers have named ‘Nangua’ after the Mandarin word for pumpkin, was discovered cradled in mother Meili’s arms on 7 November.

One of the world’s rarest monkeys, Langurs are born with bright orange hair while their parents are black in colour. It is thought this colour distinction makes it easier for adults to identify and look after infants.

Nangua has begun to explore his exhibit on Taronga’s Rainforest Trail to the delight of keen-eyed visitors.

“He’s still quite wobbly on his legs, but his head control is very strong and he’s gripping and climbing well. The adults are starting to let him climb off them briefly, which shows they’re happy with his progress,” said Senior Primate Keeper, Jane Marshall.

The warmer weather has also heralded the arrival of more tiny paws at Taronga’s Koala Encounter, with six koala joeys emerging from the pouch.

Visitors have begun meeting the new joeys at the Koala Encounter and Koala Walkabout exhibits, where they learn more about one of Australia’s most iconic species and how they are under threat from urban development and forestry breaking up their natural habitat.

Taronga’s new-look Seal Presentation will also be making a splash this summer, combining stunning displays of natural strength and agility with powerful conservation messages.

Keepers work closely with the seals to teach visitors about human impact on the marine environment and how buying sustainable seafood can help to secure a future for seals and other marine wildlife.

“We want to encourage a connection with these amazing animals to help visitors realise there is something they can do to help marine animals in the wild. Our oceans are a finite resource and we need to do all we can to protect it,” said Keeper, Steve Dalleywater.

The new-look presentation was designed to refresh a much-loved part of Taronga, as well as forge lasting connections between visitors and wildlife.

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