Lucky name for Taronga’s Chimpanzee baby

Lucky name for Taronga’s Chimpanzee baby

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Posted on 02nd September 2014 by Media Relations

Taronga Zoo’s baby chimpanzee was named ‘Sudi’ today, a Swahili name meaning “success” or “luck”.

Chosen by the Zoo’s Primate Keepers, the name reflects the male baby’s African origins and his place in the prominent ‘S’ family in Taronga’s renowned chimpanzee group.

Sudi is the fourth baby for experienced mother, Shiba. The infant has a sister named Sembe, and two brothers, Shabani and Samaki, already in the group.

“Shabani and Samaki have shown their softer side since Sudi’s birth, staying close to their mother and monitoring the visits of the rest of the group, ensuring that mum and baby enjoy these first weeks together in relative peace and quiet,” said Primate Supervisor, Lou Grossfeldt.

Sudi has quickly become a favourite with Zoo visitors since his birth on 9 August. Keen-eyed visitors will spot the baby’s head or hands and feet occasionally poking out from Shiba’s protective embrace.

“Sudi’s name means “success” and he’s certainly enjoyed a successful start to life in our chimp community,” said Lou.

This latest birth is another success for Taronga’s chimpanzee conservation efforts, which increasingly operate in the wild, as well as at the Zoo.

Taronga has an ongoing partnership with the Jane Goodall Foundation’s Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre in the Congo, which helps chimpanzees rescued from poachers and the illegal pet trade.