National Science Week at the Zoo

National Science Week at the Zoo

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 14th August 2014 by Media Relations

Approximately 60 students from Dubbo and Peak Hill converged on Taronga Western Plains Zoo today to participate in workshops as part of National Science Week, 16 – 24 August 2014.

The Zoo has partnered with Warrumbungles Environmental Education Centre and Wambangalang Environmental Education Centre to present a number of workshops in line with this year’s theme ‘Food for the future: Science feeding the world’.

Students learnt about the animals at the Zoo, what animal’s faecal matters says about their health, diet and digestive system and the important role poo plays as a fertiliser and seed-dispersing agent.

“Today students are participating in workshops that allow them to learn in a hands-on environment.  They are learning about all aspects of the life cycle as well as composting,” said the Zoo’s Senior Education Officer, Kristy Robberts.

“These workshops allow us to expose school students to a range of different scientists and different disciplines of science in a fun and safe environment.”

“Hopefully students will learn a lot from the workshops today but also allow teachers to learn from the scientists and support their teaching back in the classroom,” said Kristy. 

National Science Week is about connecting young people with science and advances in science and technology.  It is an opportunity to get students interested in pursuing a career in science and inspire them about the world of science.