Squirrel Glider will join the Zoomobile visit to Crowther

Squirrel Glider will join the Zoomobile visit to Crowther

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Posted on 11th September 2014 by Media Relations

Primary school students from Crowther will receive an exciting visit from the Taronga Zoomobile on September 10.

In conjunction with Landcare and their community work with Squirrel Gliders, one of Taronga’s very own Squirrel Glider’s will be among other native animals making an appearance at Crowther’s local primary school.

Designed for school groups that don’t have regular access to the Zoo, the Zoomobile aims to educate students and encourage the conservation of Australian wildlife.

Taronga Zoomobile Coordinator and Learning Engagement Officer, Kerry Staker said the regional Zoomobile visits are extremely important as they raise awareness and assist school children in learning about native animals.

“Many children live too far away to visit the Zoo, so the Zoomobile enables us to bring the Zoo to them and encourage that connection with wildlife,” said Kerry.

The regional Zoomobile trips encourage students to meet and interact with a diverse range of native animals, learning about where the animals are from, what they eat and how we can protect their native habitat.

“It’s the animals in our own backyard that we want the children to appreciate,” said Kerry.

Most school visits are designed for the students’ development level and are often co-taught with teachers in order to fit in with the school curriculum.

“We really like co-teaching,” said Kerry. It’s a great way to combine education and hands-on learning with entertainment.