Aussie baby boom

Aussie baby boom

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 29th August 2014 by Media Relations

The Aussie Walkthrough exhibit at Taronga Western Plains Zoo is experiencing a baby boom with lots of little joeys starting to emerge. 

So far, two Koala joeys have emerged from their mothers’ pouches, both of which are in good health. Their mothers are showing all the right maternal behaviours, and keepers are happy with the ongoing growth and development of the newborns. For visitors, they are an adorable sight to see — you just might need to look closely.

The male Quokka joey is the second offspring for mother, Miranda, and whilst most of the time he still remains hidden, he will soon start to emerge and hop in and out of the pouch.

This exhibit is also home to a Swamp Wallaby joey, which is now popping its head out of the pouch to explore its surroundings. This particular joey is quite curious, and before long it will be taking its first hop out of the pouch, but will no doubt stay close to mum’s side.

All the joeys can be seen in the Aussie Walkthrough exhibit; however, warmer days are the best to see the joeys popping their heads out of their mothers’ pouch.