Babies galore

Babies galore

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 12th October 2012 by Media Relations

Spring has definitely sprung at Taronga Western Plains Zoo with two Barbary Sheep lambs and nine Blackbuck fawns born during the past month!

The Barbary Sheep herd has been lambing over the past couple of weeks with the two little lambs joining the herd recently.  Keepers are continuing to watch the herd closely as there is potentially more offspring to come.

For the first week of a Blackbuck fawn’s life, they are hidden in long grass until they are strong enough to run with the herd.  This is what the parents would do in the wild to ensure predators don’t find their offspring.  All nine fawns are now running with the herd for visitors to see and are often frolicking or playing with one and another.

These 11 youngsters join five other offspring that were born in August this year including a Giraffe calf, Zebra foal, Addax calf and Meerkat pups.Barbary Sheep Lambs