Bongo Bachelor Pad

Bongo Bachelor Pad

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 28th April 2015 by Media Relations

Recently keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo welcomed Tambo, a one year old male Bongo, to Dubbo from Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Tambo has come to Dubbo to join resident Bongo bachelor Kulungu, who is four years old, and has been at the Zoo since 2011.

Kulungu and Tambo’s first meeting went really well, keepers were very happy with the behaviours they observed and whilst there was some initial sparring and chasing, they have settled in well together and are very relaxed in each other’s company. Keepers have since spotted the pair on a regular basis sitting next to each other in their exhibit.

Kulungu, being the older, larger male is likely to be the dominant male in the pair, but that hasn’t stopped Tambo sparring and chasing with Kulungu. Tambo does, however, seek comfort from Kulungu in situations he is not too sure about at this stage, as everything is pretty new to him.

Kulungu and Tambo are spending a lot of time together during the day but are being separated at night. Next week they will be together full time. Visitors to the Zoo can see Kulungu and Tambo on exhibit, near the Persian Onager and Sumatran Tiger exhibits.