Glider project in full swing

Glider project in full swing

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 27th July 2015 by Media Relations

Project Yellow bellied Glider 2015 will be in full swing this Tuesday and Wednesday when 160 Central Coast students descend on Taronga Zoo.

Students will immerse themselves in learning about Yellow bellied Gliders, the threats they're facing and how they can make a real difference to their current decline.

The students will be guided by high school mentors, glider experts such as Taronga keeper and breeding expert Wendy Gleen, horticulturalist Kevin Crowe and Aboriginal consultant, Dave Ella.

Through knowledge and connection with the Zoo’s Yellow bellied Gliders, students will become empowered to achieve real conservation recovery outcomes in their local environment.

This year the project has been generously supported by Gosford Council’s Protection of the Environment Trust grant, and a donation of 100 books about gliders from Australian Author Jill Morris.

The learning journey and more information can be viewed at

- Learning Engagement Officer, Catherine Judd