Little turtles have a long road ahead

Little turtles have a long road ahead

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Posted on 28th August 2014 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital is currently caring for two Eastern Long-necked Turtle hatchlings that were brought into the Wildlife Hospital by a local farmer. The hatchlings which are not much bigger than a 50 cent piece are undersize for their age and are being monitored for bone development.

It is likely that these two hatchlings will be patients for some time as they are closely monitored and continue to grow steadily.

At present the turtles weigh just 6.67 grams and 9.95 grams, (a 50c piece weighs 15.5 grams) but are slowly putting on weight to the delight of the vet nurses at the Wildlife Hospital.

The turtles are enjoying a diet of blood worms and mashed Whitebait and will continue to be monitored by veterinary staff over the coming months.