Max makes friends at Seal Bay

Max makes friends at Seal Bay

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 24th August 2015 by Media Relations

Taronga’s Australian Sea-lion pup is growing up fast!

Maximus, who is the first male of his species to be born at the Zoo, is now 6 months old and is confidently playing with the seals who share the Seal Bay exhibit. These include his half sister, Nala, and two New Zealand Fur seal girls, Keke and Ollie.

In particular, Max seems to have taken a shining to Keke and the two spend hours every day chasing one another around the large pool and wrestling on the rocks.

While some of their exchanges can appear quite heated, it is really a very natural interaction for young seals (much like canine puppies rumbling).

However, while he is becoming more adventurous throughout the day, Max always returns to his mum, Lexie, for a feed in the afternoons and to snuggle up for the night!

- Keeper, Steve Dalleywater