Meet Kibibi the Hippo calf

Meet Kibibi the Hippo calf

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Posted on 05th November 2014 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is excited to announce that our female Hippo calf has a name! Meet Kibibi, meaning little lady in Swahili, who was named following a call for suggestions on the Zoo’s facebook page.

Kibibi is now almost doubled her birth weight and is starting to gain more confidence and strength in its legs, especially on land.

She is starting to cut her teeth or tusks and spending a lot of the time in the water as well as getting plenty of rest.

Cuddles is continuing to be a very protective and nurturing mother, she is never too far behind her calf on land and doesn’t let her swim far from her side yet in the water. Kibibi will even rest her head on Cuddles’ back or shoulders whilst in the water demonstrating she is an attentive and caring mother.

Keepers say the most interesting behaviour they observe of the calf is when they come out of the water at feed time, Kibibi will often plonk herself in the middle of her mother’s hay pile - as it makes a nice bed - and then mum will just eat around her.