National Threatened Species Day

National Threatened Species Day

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Posted on 04th September 2014 by Media Relations

While we reflect on what has happened in the past to Australia’s remarkable wildlife, National Threatened Species day this Sunday, 07 September, 2014, is also a chance to celebrate what is being done for native wildlife.

Successes are being recorded.

The Tasmanian Government’s recovery program for Tasmanian Devils with a target of 1200 Devils bred in 15 mainland zoos, including Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos, and wildlife parks has passed the 600 mark.

This is a wonderful counter-balance to the loss of the last Tasmanian Tiger on September 7,  1936, which we commemorate each National Threatened Species Day. 

Taronga is one of over 90 zoos, wildlife parks and aquariums in Australia that are focusing on what can be done for threatened species in the future.

Taronga’s latest Bilby project is another example of how we can act for the community through our partnerships with Save the Bilby Fund and Australian Wildlife Conservancy to support the plight of this tiny animal.

Zoo visitors can also make a pledge For the Wild at Taronga’s Main Entrance and speak to Youth At The Zoo (YATZ) staff and volunteers about ways they can help local wildlife in their area. 

Taronga’s ZooMobile is in Martin Place in Sydney this Friday along with other keepers and educators from other zoos and wildlife parks, providing a wildlife experience for the busy workers of the CBD.

It is this sort of simply encounter which can be the beginning of many great projects for threatened wildlife yet to be commenced, just by engaging and inspiring ordinary Aussies about the wonder of Australian wildlife.

Let me encourage you to pause and think about an action you can take for wildlife.

There’s lots of simple things you can do from being a responsible pet owner and keep you cat inside at night to making sure you take your rubbish away after a beach picnic so it doesn’t get into the water where it can be mistaken for food by sea turtles and eaten.

You can learn more about National Threatened Species Day here. 

Join me and do something For the Wild this National Threatened Species Day.

- Cameron Kerr, Taronga Zoo Director and CEO