Sakti on the prowl at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Sakti on the prowl at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

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Posted on 26th June 2015 by Media Relations

On the 14th April 2015, Sakti, a male Sumatran Tiger arrived at Taronga Western Plain Zoo from Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

Sakti was born on the 27th of August 2011at Taronga Zoo so he is now almost five years old.

Sakti settled in well and in just over two months of being here he is very much at home and taken all of the exciting new challenges in his stride.

It took him a little while to come out of his shell as Sumatran Tigers are solitary in nature but now Sakti has developed a great rapport with all of his keepers here at the zoo.

One thing we have noticed is his interest in his new neighbours and new surroundings; you can often see him stop, look around have a listen to what is going on near him.

His biggest milestone was reached three weeks ago when he went on exhibit for the first time. He started exploring and marking his territory and sought assurance from his keeper initially. He seems to enjoy participating in encounters with the public as well as the Billabong Camp groups.

He continues to grow in confidence in his new environment which is great to see as his keeper.

The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of the surviving subspecies of tiger and are classified as critically endangered, with numbers as low as 400 in the wild.

By Mel Friedman