Sea-lions splash into warmer weather

Sea-lions splash into warmer weather

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 26th September 2012 by Media Relations

Two Australian Sea-lions, Miya and Mali, show off their remarkable abilities and adaptations at the Seal Show every day.

Murphy, a Californian Sea-lion weighs in at 180kg, but he can twist his body with ease. When he jumps from  the water, his body takes the shape of a bullet, shooting from left to right.

Then he shows off how he can lift up his whole body on his front flippers, making you realise how strong but elegant seals can be. They’re definitely not lazy.

Taronga’s Seals help enlighten visitors about the unfortunate plight of their wild counterparts. With less than 14,000 left in the wild, the Australian Sea-lion is the rarest sea-lion in the world.

Unfortunately, the numbers of seals in the wild are decreasing. Often they cannot find enough fish to eat or get stuck in fishing nets. Mali, Murphy, Troy and Miya are helping  turn the fatal future of their species around by being ambassadors for all seals and inspiring people to choose sustainable fishing and seafood options when dining or shopping.

Seals have inhabited our oceans for the past thousands of years. Now it is our job to sustain their future on our planet.

The Seal Show takes place at 11 am and 2pm each day with an additional training session at 1m during the School Holidays.

Media Intern, Ramona