Seal Show stars enjoy a break at Seal Cove

Seal Show stars enjoy a break at Seal Cove

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 10th March 2014 by Media Relations

This week will see a fur seal invasion of Taronga’s Great Sothern Oceans Seal Cove exhibit!

With maintenance work in progress on their regular pools at Seal Theatre, the boys are taking a few days off and will be on display at the bottom of the zoo.

They are an entertaining group to watch, as the adolescents, Franklin (Sub-Antarctic fur seal) and Ronnie (New Zealand fur seal) wrestle and play, showing the youngest, Bondi (New Zealand fur seal), how it’s done.

They’ll also be doing their best to involve ‘mature’ mate, Mav (New Zealand fur seal) in the fun.

Despite the name, New Zealand fur seals are native to the Australian coastline and each of Taronga’s seal stars were given a second chance, having been found as severely injured pups on NSW beaches. 

Thanks to the efforts of the Taronga Wildlife Hospital, all of these seals are now healthy and have settled in well at Taronga.

- Marine Keeper, Stephen Dalleywater