Taronga is ready to ring in the New Year

Taronga is ready to ring in the New Year

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Posted on 30th December 2013 by Media Relations

Taronga Zoo has become a hugely popular vantage point to view Sydney’s spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks, but many visitors ask what happens to our animals during the celebrations.

Our keepers constantly monitor their animals and are always alert to anything that bothers these wonderful creatures, but fireworks have never been a problem.

Our animals have access to the comfort and shelter of their night dens and inside areas on New Year’s Eve, but it’s not uncommon for certain animals to choose to remain outside during the celebrations.

In her younger years, our oldest chimpanzee Lulu would refuse to come into the night dens when she saw the boats assembling in the harbour on New Year’s Eve. Despite keepers’ best efforts to encourage her inside, Lulu would happily sit high up in the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and watch both sets of fireworks, before turning in for the night.

In reality, the noise and light of the fireworks is nothing compared to the power of nature’s own thunderstorms, which can produce thunderclaps as loud as 120 decibels or 10 times louder than a jackhammer.

You can help your animals at home this New Year’s Eve by ensuring they have access to a safe and secure place to take shelter during the fireworks.

Unit Supervisor, Simon Brown