Two healthy Addax calves born in June

Two healthy Addax calves born in June

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Posted on 28th July 2017 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is pleased to announce the arrival of two healthy Addax calves, born in late June.

One calf is a female, while the younger calf is a male. They are an exciting addition to the Addax herd of seven, and vital to the Zoo’s breeding program for this Critically Endangered antelope species.

The two calves are bonding well with their mothers, and have even developed a special friendship with each other. Throughout the day, they can be found nestled together, sleeping in special hiding spots chosen by their mothers. This is a maternal instinct that, in the wild, helps to protect the young from predators.

Addax once ranged across northern Africa, but sadly, a recent survey found only three living in the wild. The success of the Taronga Western Plains Zoo breeding program continues to develop the zoo-based insurance population for this species.